Arid and Semi Arid Development through Water Augmentation

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December 13-17 2010, Valparaiso, Chile

New (08/02/2012): The Conference Proceedings have been uploaded here.

It needs no introduction that water scarcity is one of the mayor problems nations are facing in the next decades, especially in (semi)arid locations.
It has also been shown that climatic vulnerability is increasing in these areas, due to global change, exacerbating climate risks in already drought prone regions. Given the continuous rise in water demand due to further development of these drylands, and the occurrence of large (mega)cities in some of these regions (Lima, Santiago, Mexico City) the water resources are under enormous pressures that threaten their sustainable use in the long run. Ensuring water availability with acceptable quality therefore remains a key task for policy makers, increasing the need for sound scientific research in these areas. The problem tackled within the conference is the need for sustainable ways to secure water availability in regions where climatic uncertainty highly influences growth potential. Out of the myriad of possible solutions, those need to be documented that effectively address the problem and contribute to the further consolidation of sustainable development in these dryland regions.

We invite submissions for presentations.

The topics to be covered include the development, efficiency assesment, design, implementation, impact, constraints and social, economical and cultural aspects of

  • Rainfall-Runoff Water Harvesting
  • Fog harvesting
  • Aquifer Management and Recharge
  • Desalinization
  • Water Reuse
  • Water Use Efficiency
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